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Construction of single-family homes is very important in the national economic and social aspects, as it allows to provide a spacious family apartment (especially large families) or two related families.
Currently, both in the countryside and in the apartment must be dry, light, electrified, with good sound insulation, central heating, gas cooker, supply of hot and cold water, with a sanitary unit.
Detached house is not only housing, but also provides a direct link with nature. Thanks plot near the house, where fruit and vegetables are grown and where they can safely play in the fresh air children.
Therefore, it is understandable that even in countries with a high population density of 30-50% of all apartments account for detached houses. In some countries, especially in England and Germany, the volume of construction of single-family homes in the post-war period has increased. In 1971 to 29% of the total housing construction accounted for detached houses.
In Slovakia, in the postwar years, 42% of all apartments were built in single family homes. In the Czech Republic in recent years to effectively stimulate the construction of single-family homes, which has contributed significantly to the solution of the housing problem in urban areas.
Below are details on the construction of single-family homes in the Czech Republic.
Shortage of building sites is a worldwide problem, especially in countries with high population density, as the number of its continuously increasing and available land is becoming smaller.

For the construction of single-family homes are required land area is 2-3 times greater than for high-rise buildings, and are per person. In past years, this has led to the idea of ​​the construction of single-family homes not appropriate and reducing its volume.


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